Stucco scaffolding makes stucco work safer and more efficient when applying stucco higher than a worker can easily reach from the ground. Erecting and using scaffolds takes planning and careful implementation to make the work safe and productive.

Scaffolding Residential San Diego Restucco Nurse Stucco

Residential job site scaffolding

commercial scaffolding San Diego Restucco Nurse Stucco

Commercial job site scaffolding

The basic parts of a scaffold system used by Nurse Stucco include:

  • Scaffold jacks
  • Stacking pins
  • Leveling legs or base plates
  • Braces
  • Access ladders
  • Scaffold boards
  • Outriggers
  • Various clamps and pins for assembly

Depending on your location, government regulations may require scaffolds to be braced or supported before use. OSHA requires such bracing when a scaffold’s height to width ratio is 4 to 1 or greater. For example, a scaffold that is 5 feet wide has to be secured if it is 20 feet tall, or higher.