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Stucco Patching and Repair Specialists

Stucco patching and stucco repairs are our specialty at Nurse Stucco. Exterior stucco is most vulnerable to water damage. You might be tempted to simply paint over cracks or stains on your stucco siding but those stains may indicate damage. If you suspect that you have damaged exterior stucco, call on Nurse Stucco for assistance. You can count on Nurse Stucco to do a thorough evaluation of the problem, and provide quality repairs.

Just because you can find articles and videos showing you how to do DIY stucco patching and repair doesn’t mean patching stucco is a simple or easy job. Repairing stucco is tricky because of its layered construction. Minor cracks may be repaired at the surface with acrylic fillers, but most patching repairs involve getting down to the studs to make sure that the repaired stucco is waterproof. But really, the hardest part of stucco patching is color and texture matching. The quality-oriented professionals at Nurse Stucco are experts at stucco repair and stucco patching.

Stucco Patching Repair Experts

We do not apply a one-size-fits-all approach to patch cracks and repair holes in stucco surfaces. The Nurse Stucco specialists will check every inch of the house siding visually looking for stains, cracks and bulges. They will use a tapping method to locate soft or spongy areas. These are often found at the base of exterior walls. All of these symptoms indicate the need for patching or repair. They might also tell you that there is structural damage to the framework or materials underneath the stucco siding.

This may require repairs to the structure itself before any repairs can be made on the stucco. Nurse Stucco will show you exactly where the damage is so that you can get the necessary repairs done before starting the stucco repair project. They will also be looking for the reasons for damage. For example there may be a need for improved rain water runoff and water diversion to prevent splashing on a lower stucco wall. They might also suggest some changes to gutters and down spouts.

Once your home is ready for the stucco repair, Nurse Stucco will amaze you with the high quality of the work performed. Our Nurse Stucco experts will create patched areas that will blend perfectly with your existing siding. Your home’s frame work and all other materials underneath your stucco siding will be protected from the elements. The stucco repair specialists from Nurse Stucco will make sure that the patch is done right the first time.

Whatever your stucco repair or patching needs, Nurse Stucco Inc. is here to serve you. Please call us today at (619) 561-7429 and request your free estimate for your stucco repair or stucco patching project.